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December News from "3" years

1873 Dec 19 - PERSONALS – A woman selling lace at New Vienna left 2 pieces of cheap lace at a house; would be obliged if the owner would call for them.  --Cincinnati Enquirer 19Dec1873 p3

1873 Dec 22 - PERSONALS – WANTED – All fun-loving young men to write love-letters to a little gal, 18 years old.  Address, with photograph or postage-stamp.  LILLIE W., New Vienna, Ohio.  --Cincinnati Enquirer 22Dec1873 p3

1883 Dec 5 - New Vienna Fine Stock Breeders' Association.  The Association met Saturday, December 1, at New Vienna with the following breeders present: James H. Terrell, Jonathan Leeka, James M. Cline, Jeff D. Spear, Eli Powell, James A. Spear, Wm. Moon, of New Vienna; J. M. Rulon, C.D. McKenzie, T.J. Porter, Wm. W. H. Huff, J. W. Bashore, or New Antioch; and I.T. Cummins, of Samantha.  Breeders of fine stock of every kins are invited to be present at the next meeting in January. --Highland Weekly News 5Dec1883p5

1883 Dec 5 - Mr. Stivens, of New Vienna is offering inducements toward securing a class in vocal culture in Leesburg. --Highland Weekly News 4Dec1883p1

1883 Dec 19 - UPDATE on Railroad News [as last reported in the July "3" News in which it was announced the Columbus & Midland Railroad would not pass through New Vienna].  The [rail]road from Columbus to Washington C.H. will soon be completed passing over almost the same route as originally surveyed for the Columbus & Maysville railroad.  "It seems that Washington C.H. is greatly dissatisfied with the change [from New Vienna], and this again turned the attention of her citizens to the importance of completing a railroad from Columbus to Maysville KY.  "Many people here are a little sore upon the subject of railroads ... and there is general dissatisfaction at the outcome ... for the action in making Clinton Valley the terminus instead of New Vienna." --Highland Weekly News, 19Dec1883p5

1893 Dec 2 - Pensions [military] were granted to Ohio applicants today as follows:  Samuel H Cline, New Vienna.  [Civil War veteran, Cline, 1842-1900, had been declared an invalid on July 2, 1892.  He is buried in New Vienna IOOF Cemetery.] --Cincinnati Enquirer 2Dec1893 p6

1893 Dec 6 - Edwin Shockley [1836-1921], New Vienna, appointed postmaster.  --Journal News (Hamilton, Ohio) 6Dec1893p1

1893 Dec 28 - MARRIED at the bride's home, Highland Ave., New Vienna, Tuesday evening, December 19, 1893, Mr. Charles E. Kratzer of Hillsboro, and Miss Jessie M. Gordon.  [Jessie 1866-c1918 was the aunt of Virginia Gordon Walker.  Kratzer, 1865-1928, operated a photography gallery in New Vienna according to the 1920 census.]  --Hillsboro News-Herald 28Dec1893p1

1893 Dec 30 - Among pensions granted to Ohio applicants for Civil War service granted today was to Cynthia A. [Smithson] Green [1844-1922], widow of Jesse Green [1835-1892].  --Cincinnati Enquirer 30Dec1893p1 & Daily Advocate (Newark OH) 30Dec1893p1

1903 Dec 18 - FOR SALE: STORE - Hardware and grocery stock; established cash business and profitable; rare opportunity; reason for selling, failing health.  W.B. LIVEZEY, New Vienna, Ohio.  [William Boswell Livezey, 1843-1909.  Daughter Bertha NVHS'1892 became a librarian and worked at the Hyde Park Branch Library in Cincinnati.]  --Cincinnati Enquirer 18Dec1903p10

1943 Dec 24 - WELL IS WEAK: Mayor of New Vienna, H.L. Carey, announced new well drilled at the edge of New Vienna, in an effort to increase the water supply, is not very strong. It is not known whether the New Vienna Board of Public Affairs will connect this well with the village water system.  [Harry Lee Carey, 1888-1955, grandfather of Shirley Carey McKamey, served as Mayor 1943-45 and 1947-48]   --(Hillsboro) Press Gazette 24Dec1943p5

1953 Dec 3 - E.J. Cook of New Vienna was re-elected to a three year term as state trustee for the Farm Bureau.  [probably Ellis James Cook, 1885-1979, a farmer in Penn Twp.] --Elyria Chronicle Telegram 3Dec1953p37

1963 Dec 3 - DEATH of Mrs. Rose Rollins, 97, of Gist Settlement, daughter of Thomas and Senia Lawson, she was born in Highland County in 1866. She was survived by five sons and three daughters, 48 grand-children and great and great-great grandchildren.

1963 Dec 10 - Auction of Antiques and Household Goods at the residence of the late Elizabeth Hodson [1877-1963, never married], across from Smith Funeral Home. --Hillsboro Press Gazette 10Dec1963p7

1963 Dec 13 - New Vienna Christmas Events: Santa Claus will appear at the New Vienna firehouse on Monday, Dec. 23 where Lions Club members will assist in handing out treats.  The following committees were appointed: Soliciting Funds: Julian McKenize and Ed Duncan; buying treats, Hamer Rife [Rice?], Mrs. Gerald Bernard [Helen Engle Bernard 1930-2011] and Mrs. Linley Moore [Florence]; Music will be arranged by Robert Sonners, Robert Seaman and Junior Daye.  Gary Tolle will choose secret judges to choose the three best decorated houses with prizes of $15, $10 and $5. --Hillsboro Press Gazette 13Dec1963p24

1973 Christmas Card from Margaret & Gene Drake & grandchildren – Not exactly news, but adds a seasonal picture to brighten up the news!

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Happy New Year from the end of a "3" year!  Hope you will join me in discovering the news from the "4" years, coming up next.


  1. The E.J. Cook referred to in 1953 was NOT Elmer J. Cook, the father of Esther Salisbury, as he lived in Rainsboro. Probably E.J. Cook was Ellis James Cook, as now corrected. My apologies for the error and thanks to John Salisbury for the correction.

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  3. Re: 1893 Gordon-Kratzer wedding. From Patty Walker Ryan: Jessie Gordon and Charlie Kratzer never had children. They are buried in old part of New Vienna cemetery very near her parents, and her unmarried brother and sister. The sister was Elizabeth Gordon, who lived her entire adult life with my grandfather, the only one of the 5 children to have any children - those were my mother and her sister Elizabeth. The brother who never married was killed working on the railroad at about age 25. The other brother was Harry Gordon, he is buried at the entry to the old part of New Vienna Cemetery with his wife Norma, no chidren. He worked in Cincinnati at Potter Shoe Company and he is the man who coined the term Stride Rite Shoes. He left my mother $$ to decorate the grave for he and his wife at Christmas and Memorial Day. I am sure he had no idea how wisely that money was spent - 65 years later she is still keeping her part of the bargain.
    Charlie Kratzer took some excellent photos of my mother's family which are treasured family heirlooms. I see my mother was age 9 when he passed away.

    Love to read all these old names from New Vienna, Catherine.