Sunday, May 27, 2012

1952,1962 - May news from Hillsboro newspaper

New Vienna related news as reported in the Press Gazette (Hillsboro, Ohio) from May 1952 and 1962, which is published Tuesdays and Fridays and runs from 8-16 pages with more ads than in 1942, including full page grocery ads for Albers and Schaefer's.  In 1952, Korean War news is featured.  Subscriptions are $4/year.  H.E. Barnes, publisher.  In May 1962, single copies are 5¢.

May 9, 1952 - Judith Achor (NVHS 1963) and her mother, Mrs. Donald Achor, were injured in an "odd mishap" when they were pinned between two automobiles in an accident while parking in front of the Clinton County Courthouse on May 6, 1952.

May 13, 1952 - Rocky Fork Lake declared "complete" despite the fact the present site does not meet state requirements.  The dam is almost completed with all of the concrete work finished.

May 27, 1952 p.1 of 8 - Funds Released to Finish Rocky Fork Lake Work - Lack of state funds
necessitated an emergency allotment of $131,000 to make necessary improvements before the lake is filled.  Still to be done is the raising of bridges on the county home road and one on the south side of the lake; construction of a bathing beach, wells, sanitary facilities, safety fences, boat docks, shelters and access roads.

May 1, 1962 p. 2 of 8 - AUCTION! Brick Building w/2 connecting warehouses, New Vienna, Ohio to be held Saturday, May 5, 1962.  Owner:  Goldie E. [Allen] Sayre [1894-1985].  Located on Main St., in the center of the downtown section.  "One of NV's best business locations ... a grocery store has been in this building for a number of years but it can be used for any type of retail business."

May 11, 1962 p. 4 of 22 - Engagement of Lou Ellen Bowles (NVHS 1960) announced by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bowles of New Vienna, to Roger Allen Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wilson of Wilmington.

May 18, 1962 p.4 of 22 - Bennington-Gross Wedding Vows.  Fannie Gross, daughter of Mr and Mrs. John Gross of Hillsboro was united in marriage with Robert Earl Bennington (NVHS 1957), son of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Howard, Bloomingburg.  Ralph Milburn was the best man.  After four years in the navy, Mr. Bennington is currently employed [in 1962] by Buckeye Molding.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

1962 Senior Class New Vienna (Ohio) High School

This month is the 50th Class Reunion for the New Vienna Class of 1962 – the next to last class to graduate from New Vienna High School.  Twenty-six students are pictured in the 1962 Tiger Tales Yearbook.  Julia Ulrey is not pictured.  Class members include:  John and Karen Hughes Bernard, James "J.N." Carey, Jerry E. Davis, Judy Eaton DeLuca, Eugene Engle, Joyce Hakes, John W. Hughes, Thomas L. McMillan, Dennis Messimer, Paul Eddie Orebaugh, Paul Pinkerton, Donald Robbins, Charles Salisbury, Jo Ann Sheffield, Sue Shoemaker, Patricia Stethem, John B. Streber, Carolyn Strevel, Julia Ulrey, Jean Vance, Larry Vanzant, Steve Walls, David James Wiget, Thomas Wilkinson, Richard Wolfe.
John A. Bernard, J.N. Carey, Carolyn Ann Conyers.
Jerry E. Davis, Judy Eaton Deluca, Edwin Eugene Engle
Joyce Hakes, John William Hughes, Karen Hughes Bernard
Thomas L. McMillan, Dennis Messimer, Paul Eddie Orebaugh
Jo Ann Sheffield, Sue Shoemaker, John B. Streber
Paul Richard Pinkerton, Donald D. Robbins, Charles D. Salisbury
Pat Stethem, Carolyn Sue Strevel, Jean Vance

Larry Joseph Vanzant, Steve L. Walls, David James Wiget

Thomas A. Wilkinson, Richard Wolfe

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mary Hoskins & 1973 50th Class Reunion of the Clinton-Highland Normal School

Mary B. Hoskins was the first grade teacher in New Vienna pictured here with the first graders in 1918-1919.  She also was a teacher in the Clinton-Highland Normal (teachers) School in New Vienna which was renowned in the early 1900s.  In 1925 the Normal School was moved to Wilmington College and Mary also moved to Wilmington.

Mary was born in New Vienna in 1885.  Her grandfather, John Hoskins, was born in the New Vienna area in 1813 after the family migrated from North Carolina in the early 1800s.  According to the Wilmington College Alumni News of May 1950, page 2, she retired from Wilmington College in 1950 after serving as associate professor of education for 25 years, having taught more than 2000 prospective teachers.  She had a "total of 46 years of teaching experience, teaching in the intermediate grades at Martinsville for three years, the primary grades at New Vienna for 11 years, and in the old Clinton County normal school for five years before joining the Wilmington College faculty."

In an article in the Hillsboro (Ohio) Press Gazette, is an account of the 50th Class Reunion of the Clinton-Highland County Normal Class of 1923.  Found on page 5 in the Social Events section, the original can be found here.  Transcription follows with my notes [in italicized brackets].

50th Class Reunion Held on July 8
The Clinton-Highland County Normal Class of 1923 held its 50th Anniversary reunion on July 8 at Lions Club on Rt. 28, west, New Vienna.

Harold Gleadell [Leesburg, 1896-1997] gave the invocation before the bounteous 1PM picnic dinner. Many pictures were taken to add to the group's collection of the past. Each member told of their varied activities during the 50 years. all have retired from teaching with many years of service.

There were 21 members of the class with eight in attendance at the reunion. Letters were read from Mr. and Mrs. Everett Roush [Sardinia, 1902-1992], Nellie Deck [Roush, 1904-1994], Sardinia, Mrs. Hattie Ralston Walls [1904-1983], Wilmington and Mrs. Mabel Grove Ritchie [1904-1985], Hillsboro. Two classmates are deceased, Harold Roberds (1905-1945) and Wiley Manker (1972), and the instructor, Miss Mary B. Hoskins (1969).

Those attending the reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Winkle [1902-1981] (Bessie Kuhn [1904-1991]), Fairborn; Mr. and Mrs. William Granger (Helen Brown), Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gleadell, Leesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Myron Johnson, Lynchburg; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Waits [1898-1984] (Gertrude Moon [1905-2003]), New Vienna; Mrs. Martha Jones Woodmansee [1903-1984], Highland; Mrs. Leora Rhodes Spindler [1905-1999], Mrs. Madge Chaney Griffith [1902-1982] and Earl A Rhodes, Hillsboro.

The class will meet again in 1975.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mrs. Penn's 6th Grade 1961-62

These students would have become part of the East Clinton Class of 1968. Mary Etta Penn, born in 1915, passed away in 1996.
Front Row: Tommy Suttles, Harold Wallen, Mickey Wilkinson, Craig Wiget, Greg Prickett, Roddy Strupper, Dickey Curtis, Junior Milburn. Second Row: Rick Orebaugh, Donna Jean Williams, Lorraine Hull, Cleo Hazelbaker, Jacky Dean, Marsha Purtee, Barbara Rudisill Gildea, Cecil Lightner. Third Row: Arnold Collins, Carol Salisbury Webster, Gloria Miller, Karen Thompson, Susan Penn, Teresa Davidson, Libbie Rupp, Beth Harper, Mrs. Everett (Mary Etta Slaughter) Penn.  Top Row: Debbie Gibson, David Myers, Debra Brumley Carey, Billy Dayton, Peggy Fawley, Roy Rogers, Elaine Harner, Danny Ferguson, Mike Wharton, Robyn Minzler. Not Pictured: Sandra Behling, Bobby Cluxton, Georgia Campbell, Cynthia Irwin.

Friday, May 4, 2012

1962 - Mrs. King's 5th Grade

These students would have been part of the East Clinton High School class of 1969. In this picture they will forever be fifth graders.
Mrs. King's 5th Grade 1961-62.  First Row: Dana Storer, Sharon Hurst, Debbie Wolfe, Connie Conyers, Mike Williams, Larry Akers, Garry Akers.  Second Row: Butch Scott, Carol Smith, Mike Watson, David Custis, Jerry Curtis, Eddy Eaton.  Third Row: Linda Penn, Ricky Drake, Jennifer Gano, Mrs. William King, Carolyn Simbro, Logan Lawson, Robyn Streber.  Fourth Row: Mary Pat Clear, Douglas Prickett, Faye McVey, Larry Priest, Pamela Thompson, Clara Tolle, Roberta Uible, Donna Lightner.  Not Pictured:  Benny Achor, Michael Marshall, Barbara Deck, Larry Mongold.