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August News from 1934

1934 New Vienna news masthead from News-Journal (Wilmington, Ohio) -Aug.22
1934 Aug 3 Margaretha Baumann appointed Clinton County school music supervisor in addition to continuing as supervisor in New Vienna, Jefferson and Cuba.  She has been a music teacher in the county for nine years. --Wilmington News-Journal 3Aug1934p8 

1934 Aug 3 J. Ivan Schuler [1903-1980, NVHS'22], formerly a clerk in the Harris hardware store, is newly appointment postmaster of New Vienna.  He replaces Monte Coffin who had been postmaster since 1923.  His father, John F. Schuler, who operates a New Vienna blacksmith shop, will act as Asst. Postmaster. --Wilmington News-Journal 3Aug1934p8

1934 Aug 4 Dodson pool room in New Vienna was the scene of robbery of two vending machines, a penny peanut vending machine and a 5¢ "race horse" device. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Aug1934p6

1934 Aug 8 C. Merlin Davis has opened a funeral home in New Vienna.  For the last three years he has lived in New Vienna and has been manufacturing chemicals for funeral directors.  [After Davis' death in 1948 this business became Smith Funeral Home. His wife, Mabel Osborn Davis 1890-1968, was the long time New Vienna correspondent for the Wilmington News-Journal.] --Wilmington News-Journal 8Aug1934p8

1934 Aug 14 - New Vienna News, Blanche Deck, Correspondent, Allen Simkins, Agent; Barr family reunion.  --Wilmington News-Journal 14Aug1934p5

1934 Aug-16 Oil stolen from New Vienna gasoline station - 130 gallons of oil valued at $80 was taken from D.R. Smith station [later Shell] and the burglars stole Smith's Chevrolet truck to haul away their loot.  The truck was found parked near Willetsville but the oil was gone. --Wilmington News-Journal 16Aug1934p2

1934 Aug 21 Death of Olive Spear Brown (1862-1934, NVHS'1882, descendant of pioneer New Vienna resident Zephaniah Spear 1807-1896.)  More can be read about her in the blog post about the c1940 Historic Brown Home--Wilmington News-Journal 21Aug1934p8

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