Monday, September 8, 2014

August News from 1944

World War Two impacts New Vienna –

1944 Aug 1 S/Sgt Clarence Irwin [NVHS'42] of New Vienna was wounded in action in France, the 11th Clinton County man to be reported wounded in action in France since the start of the invasion. --Wilmington News-Journal 1Aug1944p2 

1944 Aug 2 New Vienna solder, Pfc. Walter L. Harris is German prisoner of war. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Aug1944p2 

1944 Aug 3 M/M Henry Rhonemus celebrate 50th Anniversary. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Aug1944p8

1944 Aug 4 and 8 Sgt. Norman Greene on furlough, returns to New Vienna after 27 months in the South Pacific.  He married Jessie Debold on Aug 7, 1944. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Aug1944p8  and --Wilmington News-Journal 8Aug1944p5

1944 Aug 8 Pfc. Richard L. Smallwood, a former truck driver in New Vienna, was killed in action in France.  He was survived by his wife Olive Frances and daughter, Elsie Mae. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Aug1944p2

1944 Aug 9 Death of James E. Custis, born 1867.  Lived all his life in or near New Vienna.  Married Carrie Hildebrant (1868-1949) in 1889 and was the father of eight sons and five daughters.  All but two sons survived him. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Aug1944p2

1944 Aug 10 New Vienna Packing Plant - Canning Factory to open Aug. 14 and will run continuously until the end of the season.  Prospects for corn are good and more workers will be needed. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Aug1944p2

1944 Aug 12 Sgt. Dana Storer home on leave; several New Vienna families (Caplinger, Snell, Briggs, Ledford, Taylor, Curtis, Johnson, McKamey and Deck) enjoyed a picnic at Fort Hill. --Wilmington News-Journal 12Aug1944p3

1944 Aug 17 Soldiers appreciate receiving cigarettes; Russell Caplinger [1900-1988, NVHS'19] celebrated his birthday; and lots of people had dinner guests. --Wilmington News-Journal 17Aug1944p9

1944 Aug 24 New Vienna news has several paragraphs about Church of Christ events and personal mentions.  Mrs. Carl Deck, Correspondent; no carrier mentioned other than Francis Wade, Circulation Agent. --Wilmington News-Journal 24Aug1944p3

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