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August News 1964,1974

1964 Aug 1 New Vienna news: Masons, Eastern Star, upcoming family reunions and much personal news. --Wilmington News-Journal 1Aug1964p9

1964 Aug.4 Garden Club hosted Senior Citizen picnic; Lions Club holds annual picnic; Church of Christ Homebuilders and  WSCS also to hold picnics; Masons/Eastern Star hosted supper at the New Vienna firehouse to approximately 500 people; and personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Aug1964p5

1964 Aug 5 Mentions attendees at the Rhonemus reunion held in the Highland school building; Young family reunion held at Roadside Park on SR-62 south of Hillsboro; and the Rea reunion at the park in Washington C.H.  Plus personals.  --Wilmington News-Journal 5Aug1964p10

1964 Aug 7 Church of Christ ushers and Always Faithful class; Lions Club Picnic attendees; Walker-Cornelius camping trip; and personals.  --Wilmington News-Journal 7Aug1964p3

1964 Aug 11 Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 11Aug1964p4

1964 Aug 12 New Vienna Barn Party was entertained by the "Blazers" a quartet featuring Edwin Perry, Clyde Wilson, Danny Blair and Gary Curtis, accompanied by Judy Thompson and Harry Mason. --Wilmington News-Journal 12Aug1964p13

1964 Aug 15 Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 15Aug1964p9

1964 Aug 17 Farm Bureau, WSCS, Sunshine Stitchers, Birthday parties, and house guests. --Wilmington News-Journal 17Aug1964p3

1964 Aug 18 Leda Moyer [1883-1968] resigned as head cook at the New Vienna school after more than 31 years.  "Mrs. Moyer, who is in her 80's, has been called the dean of Ohio school cooks." --Wilmington News-Journal 18Aug1964p12

1964 Aug 20 Philip Baker (NVHS'59) and Janet Mohr marriage; Attendees at Farm Bureau and Baptist Church picnics, and list of those planning to attend Wilmington Friends Yearly Meeting. --Wilmington News-Journal 20Aug1964p24

1964 Aug 21 Upcoming events and personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 21Aug1964p4

1964 Aug 22 Mrs. George Henderson holds party for NVHS Class of 1928; Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 22Aug1964p4

1964 Aug 24 School schedules; Snow Hill Garden Club; Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 24Aug1964p3

1964 Aug 25 Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 25Aug1964p3

1964 Aug 26 Mrs. Fenwick's father, Kirk Short, celebrates 88th birthday; Roberta Uible & Patty Baker and other children of the neighborhood are sponsoring a carnival in the field behind the Uible home.  There will be acts, stunts, and food during two performances.  Proceeds will go to the Ruth Lyon's Christmas Fund; Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 26Aug1964p14

1964 Aug 28 Personals --Wilmington News-Journal 28Aug1964p3

1964 Aug 29 M/M William Cline celebrate 50th Anniversary; Revival at the Church of Christ; Meetings, Personals. --Wilmington News-Journal 29Aug1964p4

1964 Aug 31 Grange; Mother's Club, Lions Club, Farm Bureau and more.--Wilmington News-Journal 31Aug1964p3

1974 Aug 2 New Vienna Emergency Squad renovates rescue vehicle - Purchased for $475 from a Greenfield junkyard and spent less than $3000 on renovations.  Pictured are Bob Sonner and Delbert Morrow. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Aug1974p3

1974 Aug 13 New Vienna school staff for 1974-75 school year announced. James Luck, Principal; Mrs. Donald McKamey, kind; Mrs. Harry Allen & Mrs. James Allen, 1st; Mrs. Harry Carey & Miss Aleda Purtee, 2nd; Mrs. Harold Adams & Mrs. Kemp Allemang, 3rd; Mrs Orville Harner & Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant, 4th; Mrs. Wendell Compton & Mrs. James King, 5th; Mrs. Robert Streber & Mrs. Wm Wolfe, 6th grade; JH staff: Tom Ark, Mrs. Walker, Wm Wolfe, Roger Murphy, Mrs. West, Patrick Piper, Mrs. Vance & more. --Wilmington News-Journal 13Aug1974p7

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