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August News from 1954

1954 Aug 2 Always Faithful Class of Church of Christ, Lions Club, Woman's Society of Christian Service (WSCS) of Methodist Church, Leininger family reunion, and more. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Aug1954p3

1954 Aug 3 Thornburg reunion, Cluxton family picnic,  & Rea reunion attendees; Birthdays celebrated by Dorothy Johnson, Geneva Johnson, Josephine Williams, and Mrs. Cary Hodson. --Wilmington News-Journal 3Aug1954p5

1954 Aug 5 Townsend family reunion, Strebers travel to Spokane WA, Fenwicks vacation in Florida. --Wilmington News-Journal 5Aug1954p9

1954 Aug 9 Hattie Bernard Carey [1864-1960] celebrated her 90th birthday. --Wilmington News-Journal 9Aug1954p11

1954 Aug 10 Walls, Koonts-Colan (Hershey), and Corzatt family reunions.  --Wilmington News-Journal 10Aug1954p11

1954 Aug 16 Mabel Davis announces she will be on vacation in Chicago for a few days and news for the week should be given to Bruce Kinzer (phone #294) in her absence. --Wilmington News-Journal 16Aug1954p10

1954 Aug 17 Curtis family reunion; Methodist Youth meet at Elinor Powell's; G.C. Williams [father of Kenny Williams] celebrates 71st birthday; Betty Thompson hosts bridge club; Roger McKenzie purchases property of Glenn McElwee at corner of Main and First Streets while the McElwee's purchase the former Neffner house at the corner of Second and College Streets [later occupied by the Bob Streber family]--Wilmington News-Journal 17Aug1954p11

1954 Aug 18 Officers of Volunteer Fire Dept. listed; Thomas Rulon, Gary and Larry Akers, celebrate birthdays.  --Wilmington News-Journal 18Aug1954p10

1954 Aug 19 Boosters Class Picnic attendees; Mt. Olive Ladies Aid; Fred Custis & Robert Blackburn celebrate birthdays. --Wilmington News-Journal 19Aug1954p14

1954 Aug 21 West-Penn Fairfield Townships Farm Bureau Council; Airman Gerald "Jerry" Cline returned to duty after death of his father C.W. Cline; Dorothy Ann Terrell celebrates birthday. --Wilmington News-Journal 21Aug1954p9

1954 Aug 23 Upcoming Events: Methodist Redeemers picnic, Grange program, Carey & Osborn family reunions.  --Wilmington News-Journal 23Aug1954p9

1954 Aug 25 New Vienna news includes Mrs. Mabel Davis, Correspondent, Philip Baker, Carrier. Big list of those attending the West Family reunion, and lots of personal mentions of who visited who, when and where.  --Wilmington News-Journal 25Aug1954p4

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