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1925 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

Thirteen students made up the NVHS Class of 1925, three men and ten women.

Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time. Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1925 NVHS Graduating Class
Top Row: Marie McVey Lewis, Helen E. Perry Menger, Mildred Wolfe Matson 
and Elsie Mae Baker.   Middle Row:  Flossie A. Deck Babb, Robert L. Dennis, 
Fred H. Mercer, Aaron Rice and Flossie K Gilbert Walters.   
Bottom Row:  Bernice M. Severs Hodson, Opal Louise Phillips Roberson, 
Doris Alice Deck Van Steenberg and Anna Wilma Mercer Bernard.

  • Elsie Mae Baker (about 1907-?)
  • Doris Alice Deck Van Steenberg  (about 1907-?)
  • Flossie A. Deck Babb (1907-1986) married Daniel Babb (1897-1981) from Wilmington.
  • Robert L. Dennis (1907-1989), married Pauline Roth (1913-2005), parents of Jane and James (1939-2013). They lived in Dayton area.
  • Flossie K. Gilbert Walters (about 1906-?)
  • Fred H. Mercer (1904-1947) married Elsie Oates (1906-1996, NVHS'24)
  • Ida Marie McVey Lewis (about 1907-?)
  • Anna Wilma Mercer Bernard (1906-1952), married Lewis James Bernard (1905-1973, NVHS'26) in 1926, parents of Gerald (1927-2014), Glenn (1930-2010) and Larry Bernard.
  • Helen E. Perry Menger (1908-1982) married Arthur Menger on New York, parents of Robert and Dorothy, they lived in NYC.
  • Opal Louise Phillips Roberson (1907-2005), daughter of Harley and Nancy Ann Johnson Phillips, married John Julius Roberson (1900-1991), parents of Nancy and John.  They lived in Michigan and retired to Florida.
  • Aaron Rice (1907-1975) never married.
  • Bernice M. Severs Hodson (1907-1941) married Harold Charles Hodson (1906-1998, parents of Harold Charles Hodson Jr.
  • Mildred Wolfe Matson (1904-1986) married Franklin Matson (1903-1984), parents of Mary Jane and Ruth.  Died in Arizona.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1955 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1955 consisted of twenty-eight students.  Also pictured are ten faculty members.
Due to the (relative) youth of these graduates, not as much information is available due to privacy issues.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1955 NVHS Graduating Class
Top Row: Adrian Roberts-Fac, George Shaffer-Fac, Arlie Roush-Fac, 
Harriett West-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt, Bess Stamm-Fac, Thomas Rudisill-Fac, Barbara Roberts-Fac, Glenn McElwee-Fac & Howard Short-Fac. 
Second Row: Larry Murphy, Mary Seaman, John Swingley & Rose Kratzer Roades. Third Row: Mildred Penn, Larry Ledford, Phillip Rogers, Carolyn Lemin Haney. Fourth Row: William Davis, Dorothy Hamilton, Charles Heller, Janice Credit, 
Robert Knisley, Jane Fenwick Allemang, Charles McKibben, Janet Davis Smalley, Gerald Knisley & Margery Johnson Henry. 
Bottom Row: William Masters, William Dodd, Dianne Parr Flint, Harold Baker, 
Janet Terrell Achor, Irene Sullivan Tolle, Richard Gilliland, 
Beverly Bernard Custis, Ronald Mitchell & Floyd Lee Carey

  • Harold D. Baker (1937-1991)
  • Beverly Bernard Custis
  • Floyd Lee Carey (1937-2010)
  • Janice Credit
  • Janet Davis Smalley
  • William R. Davis
  • William Dodd (1937-2010)
  • Jane Fenwick Allemang
  • Richard Gilliland
  • Dorothy Hamilton Hiestand
  • Charles R. Heller
  • Margery Johnson Henry
  • Robert Knisley
  • Jerry Knisley
  • Rose Kratzer Roades (1936-2014), married Terry Roades (1935-2014), parents of Connie Roades (1957-2011)
  • Larry Ledford
  • Carolyn Lemin Haney
  • William Masters
  • Charles R. McKibben (1937-2014)
  • Ronald Mitchell
  • Larry Murphy
  • Dianne Parr Flint (1937-1984) Married Asa Roger Flint (1936-2009)
  • Mildred Penn
  • Phillip Rogers
  • Mary F. Seaman
  • Irene Sullivan Tolle
  • John Swingley
  • Janet Terrell Achor

1945 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1945 photo includes pictures of the faculty and many familiar faces.  Sixteen graduates and eight faculty are pictured.

Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time. Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1945 NVHS Graduating Class. 
Top row: R.W. Fenwick-Supt. & Emily Spradling-Fac. 
Second Row: Mary B. Vance-Fac., Herbert Carey-Fac (NVHS1924), 
A.F. Roush-Fac & Margaretha Baumann-Fac. 
Third row: Gladys Knisley-Fac, William Seltzer-Pres, Gerald Bernard-V.Pres, Shirley Chaney Swindler-Sec, Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse-Treas & Anna Humphrey-Fac. Fourth row: Donald Cluxton, Betty Hamilton, Robert Huffman, 
Duane Laymon, Oris Minzler & Gerald Pierson. 
Bottom Row: Evelyn Roush Pennington, Robert Runk, Wilma Stanfield Trainer, Kathleen Stevenson Levo, Hubert Thorman & Wanda Wayland Kende.

  • Gerald Bernard (1927-2014) - Married Helen Jean Engle (1930-2011) in 1950. Parents of Debbi, Patti and James.
  • Shirley Chaney Swindler - Was 1948 Ohio Dairy Queen, married Richard Swindler in 1948,
  • Donald Cluxton (1926-2000) - Sons, Mike and Christopher; Married Rhoda Reed (1938-2002) in 1976
  • Betty Jean Hamilton Jewell (1927-2002) - married James Jewell (1924-2005) 
  • Robert Huffman (1927-1986) 
  • Duane Laymon (1926-2006) brother of Jacque Laymon, died and is buried in New Mexico; served in the Army in WW2, with a speciality in tin, copper and sheet metal work for the Medical Dept. in Hawaii.
  • Oris Minzler (1927-2010) - married Dorothy Richmond in 1951.
  • Gerald Pierson - married Thelma Wiget (1929-2014)
  • Evelyn Roush Pennnington (1927-2015) - married Code Pennington, parents of Connie, Rita, and Richard.
  • William "Bill" Seltzer - President of the Class, joined the Navy after High School, married and lived in Charleston, West Virginia in the 1950s.  Was related to the Spargur family.
  • Robert "Bob" Runk (1927-1951) Served in the US Navy during WW2, married Sue Ann Bond in 1950, fatally injured in an auto accident on SR-73 near New Vienna.
  • Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse (1927-1971), married Charles Stackhouse (1927-2004) in 1947, parents of Mike (1949-2000) and Timothy (1953-2003).
  • Wilma Stanfield Trainer (1927-2007) 
  • Kathleen Stevenson Levo (1927-2008) - married Phillip Levo, parents of John and Linda.
  • Charles Hubert Thorman (1927-2008) - Served in the army in WW2, married Imogene Newman (1917-1976), after her death married Flora Elizabeth White Morgan ((1939-2008) in 1989.
  • Wanda Wayland Kende 

Monday, May 11, 2015

1935 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

Possibly the oldest living graduate of New Vienna High School is a member of the class of 1935.  Betty Gordon Stegman, born 1917, now living in Texas, is the older sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014).

Many of the 19 graduates in 1935 spent their adult lives in New Vienna and were the parents of later graduates of New Vienna or East Clinton.  Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.
1935 NVHS Graduating Class. Top Row: Glenn Fisher, Edith Smith McKenzie, Marjorie Thompson, Louis Grey, Audrey Wolfe, John Wright, Third Row: Mary Laymon McDonald, Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley, Charles Hildebrant, Donald Linkhart, James Minzler, Virgil Cochran. Second Row: Virginia Preston Cashman, Charles Thompson. Bottom Row: Betty Gordon Stegman, Robert Stuckert, Virginia Eaton Hildebrant, John McCune, Edna Hamilton Collins.

  • Virgil Cochran - (1916-1993) Married Margaret Raps Hardman (1920-1995)
  • Virginia Eaton Hildebrant - (1917-2007) Favorite 4th grade teacher of many New Vienna students, married Charles Hildebrant also in the class of NVHS'35, mother of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Glenn Fisher - (1916-1995)  Married Treva Davis (1919-1987), a 1937 graduate of NVHS.
  • Betty Gordon Stegman - STILL LIVING! - Grew up in Penn Township, sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014, NVHS'1937) married Eugene Stegman (1908-1980) of Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • Louis J. Gray - (1917-1994) Was a life insurance salesman in 1940, served in WW2 in Italy as Tech. Sgt. AAF Service Command. Married Margie Marshall (1916-1971) of Blanchester.
  • Edna Hamilton Collins - (1917-1981) Married Harry Collins?
  • Charles Hildebrant - (1916-1949) Married Virginia Eaton, also a 1935 graduate of NVHS.  Father of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley - (1917-2001) Married Robert Franklin Rice (1915-1944). a 1933 graduate of NVHS, who died in WW2.
  • Mary Laymon McDonald - (1917-2008) Married Dale McDonald (1915-1992), a 1933 graduate of NVHS, three children: Joel, Sandra Sue and Gary.
  • Donald Linkhart - (1916-1993) Married Cleo Harris (1916-1998), a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughters Donna Jean and Marie.
  • John McCune - (1916-1986) Valedictorian of the class, married Berneta Hunter (1917-1986), parents of Mary, Judy and Faye. 
  • James W. Minzler - (1917-1998) Married Bernadine (Pence?) (Young?) (1918-2005), a 1936 graduate of NVHS, served in WW2, daughter Evelyn.
  • Virginia Preston Cashman - (1916-1986) Married Neil Cashman, (1911-1981).
  • Edith Smith McKenzie - (1917-2007) Married Howard McKenzie (1916-1963) a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughter Peggy.
  • Robert Stuckert - (1917-2009) Born in Illinois, moved to Ohio in 1920s, married Carrie Elma Moore (1920-1991) in 1940 and Helen Lucille Gano Inwood (1915-1997) in 1991, served in the Army in WW2.
  • Charles Thompson - (1917-1981) Married Betty Rulon, a 1939 graduate of NVHS, parents of Bob and Judy.
  • Marjorie Thompson (1917-?) Became a nurse.
  • Audrey M. Wolfe (1917-?)
  • John Wright (1917-?)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

1965 Sabina to join New Kenton

In 1963 New Vienna schools consolidated with Simon Kenton.  In 1964 the school name was changed to New Kenton.  In 1965 Sabina schools consolidated with New Kenton as described in the article and transcription that follow.

Wilmington News-Journal, 4 May 1965, p.1-2

On Request, County Board Joins Sabina, New Kenton

Upon request of Sabina and New Kenton local boards, the Clinton County Board of Education merged the two school districts at a special meeting Monday night.

The requests were in the form of resolutions asking that the county board consolidate the two districts.  Sabina's resolution was signed by four of the five local board members Monday and New Kenton's resolution, made April 30, was the result of a unanimous vote of the five local members.

The resolution of consolidation by the county board was moved by Stanley Bernard, seconded by Carl West, and unanimously approved by the board.

The action followed n agreement by the two local boards in a discussion session March 12 at which it was decided that if a merger of the two districts takes place, such union should be formed by request of the two boards, asking that the county board consolidate the territories.

The consolidated district would include 1825 pupils, with 531 in high school.  This compares to a total of 1677 for Blanchester (443 in high school) and 1481 for Clinton-Massie (440 in high school).  The combined Sabina-New Kenton area has a valuation of $21.7 million for tax purposes.  The area has 133 square miles.

The study initiated at the request of the two local boards March 12 outlined transportation proposals:  Using Lees Creek village as approximate center (Reesville, kindergarten through sixth grade; New Vienna, kindergarten through ninth grade; Sabina, kindergarten through ninth grade).  Many of the village youngsters of Sabina and New Vienna can continue to walk to school.  From Sabina, approximately 145 to 150 pupils in grades 10-11-12 would be transported to the high school center over a short distance of seven miles in 15 minutes.  The study estimates that buildings would be sufficient for projected enrollment over the next three to four years.

Contracts of all currently employed teachers (78 in the two districts) would be binding on the newly created board of education.  "All teachers are assured of a position in accordance with their field of certification," the report compiled March 12 said.

It is suggested that athletics include two junior high and freshmen teams, one of each at Sabina and New Vienna.  Basketball could be played at New Vienna gymnasium and football – which would allow the consolidated district to enter an athletic league – could be played at Sabina, using existing lighting facilities.

The proposed consolidation would lose 1.1 mills of tax rate because of adjustments required by law when districts are reorganized, and the district would probably have to vote this millage to regain present income.

The Sabina board, faced with problems of financing repairs, the need to employ a new administrator, and plans to upgrade school curriculum to meet minimum standards, has spent several months of study, including meetings with the county board, New Kenton board and Miami Trace board of education, as well as a public meeting for Sabina patrons where the board outlined some of its findings.

Since these sessions, both the Fayette County Board of Education and Miami Trace Board of Education have taken a stand that heavy enrollment at Miami Trace high school would make it inadvisable to consider addition of Sabina School District.  

The consolidation of Sabina and New Kenton becomes effective June 2, unless a petition is filed with the Clinton County Board of elections carrying valid signatures that represent a number equal to 35 per cent of the qualified electors of the proposed district who voted in the last general election.  By unofficial estimate between 900 and 1,000 valid signatures would be required.

If such a petition is received and found to be valid by the county board of elections, the county board of education then certifies the question to a vote, probably at the November general election.